Welcome to the Lawrence Campbell website

Lawrence Campbell delivers technology solutions for our clients by providing the services and expertise that they need. We are independent, straight talking and have considerable experience. We work with NGOs, the Public Sector, SMEs and large corporations in the UK and abroad to make things happen.

Our expertise is in Accounting and Finance Solutions along with Business Process Management (BPM) and the services we offer range from Systems Selection, Project Management to Systems Development and Integration. We believe that good, strong teams can deliver and our focus is on being part of the team or leading it.

Our Vision

Lawrence Campbell's vision is one where technology is used to reduce the time spent on mundane tasks, so time can be used more effectively (and enjoyably) on other issues.

Our working lives are clogged up with administrative tasks or fighting to retrieve information and documents that should be at our fingertips.

Of struggling to make good what is wrong. Of doing the mundane when what is needed is free and creative thought. We aim to change that for all our customers.

Our Value Proposition

We deliver solutions which ensure transparency, measurability and accountability while reducing risk, and error. We empower people to work effectively, free from menial and repetitive tasks allowing for time to learn, develop and deliver.

We aim to generate cost-savings based on automation, integration and simplification. We can replace costly, rigid, systems with flexible, simple and quick solutions that work for the user (as opposed to the user working for them). Although we know certain software packages work better than others, we do not make assumptions, and work with each customer to identify the most creative, reasonable and appropriate solution for their business.

Why Us?

We have been in existence since 1948 and are as old as the National Health Service, but our focus is on the latest technologies and the demands of clients. Our expertise is working with people, finance systems and workflow to deliver cost and time saving automated solutions.

We are small, specialist and effective. Our experience is considerable and crosses many of the barriers between accounting, technology and utility. We believe that solutions are about people and risk. We strive to take an open minded, realistic and pragmatic approach to the delivery and deployment of solutions. We emphasise that good solutions are delivered by effective and practical teams whose performance can be measured.

Our clients value Lawrence Campbell's independence and honesty. They know that although we can talk technology, what really matters to us is people.

A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist.
— Courtesy of Academic Tips.org