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INFOR Sun Systems or Sun Systems began its days in the early 1980s. Having gone through a number of transitions and technology changes, it is now one component within the US based private equity group INFOR.

The beauty of Sun Systems, as many of its users will tell you, is its simplicity. Like CODA, it is a single Ledger system. This means it maintains lists of Accounting Entries as transactions in tables that reflect that the structure of a business and preserve the integrity of double entry as if it is written in manual ledgers. With some knowledge of accounting and a very limited knowledge of SQL it is possible to derive a lot of meaningful management information. Of course, there are many tools that do this, but from an integration and solution development perspective, it is a very easy product to work with.

Modular solutions like SAP or Dynamics, for example, store data in different places, sometime using different conventions and even duplicating it. Working with them therefore requires an understanding of a complex API which sometimes feels like working with one puzzle on top another. They break our simplicity and elegance rule.

In summary the merits of the INFOR Sun Systems are the following:

1. Simple and consistent data structures.

2. Simple and uncomplicated treatment of Multiple Currencies.

3. Flexible and easy to use Analysis Dimensions.

4. Clear and simple integrity controls.

5. Easy to use and manageable interfaces.

6. User definable fields on core tables.

7. Configurations can be changed easily.

These points reflect Lawrence Campbell’s views on integrators and developers, but also that, from the user’s perspective, INFOR Sun Systems is easy to use and maintain, uncomplicated and had a superb Excel interface. Above all, users understand it and warm to it. Managers, if they need expertise, find it is readily available, inexpensive and doesn’t require a dependency on any particular supplier or systems experts. In terms of selection criteria, it usually scores on tender documents. It might not have all the bells, whistles and glitz of some other products and it might not be seen to have the gravitas of the more expensive and larger solutions, but it is a very powerful, effective and reliable worker. In our experience, it does the job and does the job well.