Lawrence Campbell People


Our team is made up of people who are client-focused, experienced and well qualified. We do not employ, we work with. We value innovation and motivation in our team, and only include people who share our values of frankness and honesty and are quick to learn and easy to like. We value their judgement, caution, character and drive above conformity and consensus. We believe the client is a key and essential member of the team, and we must work together in order to succeed and succeed we must.

We do…

  • Work in partnership with our clients
  • Offer impartial advice
  • Promote long term, successful client relationships
  • Charge reasonable, competitive fees
  • Employ talented, experienced and creative people
  • Only work with clients where we and they “fit”
  • Plan for success, risk, complication and omission

We don’t…

  • Talk jargon or use buzz words
  • Expect all projects to be easy
  • Run from challenges

One thing is guaranteed; all our team have different personalities and skill sets. We are fleet of foot and expert. As the team bonds and motivated, we take on challenges that others cannot.

Our people enjoy all aspects of working with clients, from the innovative to the challenging, and are happy to help shoulder the responsibility to ensure what we embark upon is completed in an engaging and successful manner. We expect them to work hard.

We value an individual’s specific talents, admire those that are brave and bold and respect others who are careful, considered and prudent.  We strive to match our team to our client’s needs.

We are committed to continually educating and enhancing our people’s skills and embrace new technologies and methodologies to ensure to deliver “best fit” solutions. Where necessary we expect them to be qualified in their chosen profession or train further in terms technologies and current thinking. Since many of the solutions we deal with are accounting solutions, many are qualified accountants. When required, we use PRINCE as a project management methodology.

"No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson