Some years ago we identified that the Business Process Management (BPM) market was under-developed and that many of our clients wanted to automate business processes. Clients wanted transparent, efficient, manageable solutions. Lawrence Campbell spent a lot of time evaluating different products and we felt that the Ultimus solution was the best. It is simple and designed with the user in mind, not the developer. Ultimus is easy to build and, as importantly, easy to change and sits within the Windows operating environment that we all use. The current solution is web based and built on .net technologies. Unlike many of the products in the market place, it is mature and rich in functionality and delivers the key elements of BPM functionality as follows:

1.            Process Modelling Studio

2.            Development Studio

3.            Simulation

4.            Forms Engines

5.            Business Rules Engine

6.            Configurable interfaces with other applications and data sources

7.            Administration, Reporting, User, Deployment Manager

As ever, our emphasis is on practicality, robustness and ease of use and Ultimus delivers well. The realities of implementing a BPM solution are often more daunting then many clients anticipate. Fortunately, the real benefits of the solution are normally much the greater than the client first thought too. No pain no gain as they say!

Ultimus is simply not one great leap into the unknown – it has a track record. Consequently the level of project risk is much the lower and the project team are able to focus on the real problems in delivery, establishing what the processes are and dealing with the people.

One further point. Automating processes is not easy – or else that would have been dealt with some time ago. Processes like businesses have to change fast as they are dynamic in the real sense of the word. A BPM solution must be able to cope with this pace of change, even if it is in the midst of the implementation, and this is why so many projects fail or stumble. The worst case solution is one that does not really deliver, cannot adequately handle error and where making a change seems like a rewrite. This is, again, what Ultimus manages well and why our clients that have used it stick with it.