What we do

Our current focus is on the integration of finance and business systems and binding them using workflow technologies. This includes business analysis, design, project management, delivery, deployment and training using SharePoint, Windows workflow foundation (WWF) and Ultimus. Finance and accounting solutions have included SUN, Coda, Oracle Financials and SAP.

How we do it

We keep things simple; to the point; practical. We bind users, managers, IT technicians and third parties like customers or suppliers in to a team focused on delivery, to ensure that finance and business systems work effectively. Successful projects are about good people working together and solid judgement. We focus on the people and have the experience to make the right calls. And we do it without jargon, complexity or confusion.

Crossing the divides that exist in organisations is easier said than done but it is something we lay great emphasis on. We are often at an advantage as we have undertaken the work the before or we have the necessary understanding of the underlying issues and try to foster understanding within, and between, all parties. We will never accept that some issues are too complicated for some and beyond the realms of others. The project team must bind and cooperate and this must be based on a mutual understanding of one another’s needs and concerns.

Honesty and Independence

Projects can be complex and participants often have mixed and even contradictory agendas. Our role is to be objective and independent – to arbitrate, to facilitate, to be honest. Finance and business system projects are a journey and we know like any guide, that it is best to keep to the best path and avoid the risks of other routes. We like to be direct and follow the direct path.

Tensions in a project can cause paralysis or costs to run out of control. Projects can go wrong; fail to deliver what was expected; cost too much and take too much time. Equally, projects can energise and revitalise a business or even allow a business to survive. We believe the key element is risk and how it is managed. The biggest risk is what is not known. We seek to successfully manage risk through

  • anticipating issues
  • the evaluation of alternative solutions carefully
  • challenging pre conceptions.


  • Implementation of Finance and associated Business systems
  • Automation of Business processes
  • Integration of IT solutions
  • Business intelligence and Management Reporting
  • Analysis and Design of solutions
  • Project management and Project Rescue
  • Deployment Management
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Systems Selection and Evaluation
  • Systems Audit and Documentation

"If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people."
— Virginia Woolfe